You can purchase Healthy Honeys products from our Honeys, our website, or stores that carry our product. There are currently stores in Denver, CO; Cleveland, OH; and Chicago, IL that carry Healthy Honeys Products.

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Good Meds

"Good Meds offers Denver’s best medical marijuana with a variety of options for our patients to find relief. Good Meds Network’s medical marijuana treatment options include marijuana flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals and prefilled joints and vaporizer cartridges. Good Meds Network’s garden contains over 80 premium strains of flower that offer relief for a variety of ailments. All of our concentrates and many of our other infused products are made with Good Meds’ own strains and processed by the best in the industry. Our educated staff can help you find the medical marijuana treatment solution for you." 

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"We pride ourselves on providing a unique, friendly and welcoming environment for dispensing the highest quality recreational and medical marijuana. Our professional, patient-centric staff are trained to cater to you and your particular needs. We offer discreet one-on-one patient consultations by appointment to help any patient identify solutions and establish treatment regimens. We’ve kept retail and medical separate at our Denver dispensary to preserve the privacy and service of our medical patients. This includes our ability to serve medical patients of all ages. GroundSwell is conveniently located in the Bluebird District of Denver, Colorado – just minutes from Downtown Denver, City Park, Cherry Creek and Capitol Hill."

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Daily Press

"At Daily Press Juicery & Vegan Cafe, we offer organic, delicious, healing, relaxing, energizing, beautifying, age defying, detoxifying, tummy soothing, disease fighting, mood lifting, and powerful juices.  We have a juice for all of your well being needs.  We use a cold press juicing method to ensure that the integrity of the produce remains intact."

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Tranquility Salon

"Located in Chicago's historic Beverly/ Morgan Park neighborhood on the windy city’s South Side, Tranquility Salon Co. is an upscale oasis that focuses on keeping those “vibes” high. Our artists are known for their innovative and fashion forward reputations. The raw, spacious, and naturally lit salon sculpts your experience all while allowing you to unwind with the fresh, inspiring, and contemporary services available to you."                                                                                                                              

If you own a store and are interested in carrying our products, please contact our Chief Operations Officer at