Stillwater Mellow Mint

Tea with THC? Yes, please! Stillwater Tea is a sustainable company that infuses organically grown teas with 2.5mg of their patent-pending THC2O. They design their tea to relax you rather than intoxicate you. I just tried the Stillwater Mellow Mint. This is a soothing caffeine free blend of peppermint and THC. The Mellow Mint is sourced from Egypt. I love that Stillwater knows where their tea leaves are sourced from.

I plopped the Mellow Mint tea stick into my new Stillwater thermos. Whoa does that thing really keep a drink hot! Anyways, I steeped the tea stick for about 5 minutes in hot water, using their patented design to stir the tea and then removed the tea stick to drink the tea. This flavor has a lovely mint taste. Sometimes when I drink peppermint tea, the mintiness seems extremely intense, but this was an aromatic, delicate peppermint taste. I couldn’t taste the THC at all, which is great in my opinion!

As the balanced medley of peppermint and THC slid down my throat, a warm calming feeling took over my body like I just snuggled inside my favorite fuzzy blanket. This pure herbal tea totally relaxed me. I didn’t feel intoxicated at all from the THC which is awesome because I wanted to remain clear headed. The Mellow Mint was the perfect amount of THC to chill me out. My mind and body both released a huge metaphorical sigh and I felt amazingly comfortable. Good bye monkey mind! Enjoying a cup of Stillwater Mellow Mint is the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day and let your troubles melt away. You will definitely want to curl up in your pajamas after drinking this soothing tea.