Seeing a loved one in extreme pain is difficult, especially when that someone is always the strong, reliable man that you depend upon. My fiance had a right hemicolectomy and stayed in the hospital for five days and four nights. It was an intensive surgery that obviously left him in excruciating pain. His pain was being treated with prescribed opiates but the opiates were making him nauseous which led to vomiting which then led to more pain. It was a terrible never ending cycle.

On the third day, he refused to take the pain medication because he decided it was more important for his recovery to be able to eat and keep food down than manage his pain. With the opiates, he wasn’t able to eat because of the nausea. This is when I decided he needed another way to deal with the pain that would not cause severe side effects. I brought him Ripple made by Stillwater Brands.

Ripple is cold-water-soluble cannabinoid powder. It comes in a 10mg packet for precise dosing. There are two different blends: 10mg THC or 5mg CBD : 5mg THC. It’s so easy to use! In the hospital, I ripped open the packet of CBD/THC 1:1 and poured it in warm broth for my fiance. Within 15 minutes, his nausea eased and his pain dulled. It also helped with his anxiety. This little packet made a HUGE difference in my fiance’s ability to relax and recover in the hospital.

I also used the CBD/THC 1:1 Ripple recently in my morning coffee. I woke up with back pain which happens to me all too often. I made a pot of coffee as usual, and instead of just adding almond milk and honey this time, I added something a little extra special! I had a busy day ahead of me, so I didn’t want too much THC in my system so the 1:1 was the perfect blend of CBD and THC to help with my back pain. About 10 minutes after I finished my coffee, my back pain subsided and I was able to answer all my emails without this constant, painful reminder that I have scoliosis.

I LOVE the versatility of Ripple. I can pour it in a drink or cook with it. It has no calories and no marijuana taste like many products on the market. If you like edibles, then you will have so much fun literally creating whatever edible you want with Ripple!