Life Flower Organic Legend of 91

My back was aching after a long day of work, and I was looking forward to coming home to relax and smoke a joint to make the pain melt away. A couple friends came over and one of them lit up a joint. I took a couple puffs anticipating my aches to subside, but I could only think about my pain more. I knew I had one joint of Life Flower’s Legend of 91, which is indica dominant, hidden somewhere and I decided to find it and spark it up.

I had to finish the joint on my own, which doesn’t happen often with my crowd. We all agreed it tasted delicious as we relaxed and slid into a calmer state of mind. Finally I could unwind after my long day and sit still comfortably. My spine and mood became less tense.

Sometimes I forget how amazing a heavy indica can be because I’m such a sativa lady, but Life Flower’s Legend of 91 is a great choice for anyone looking to relax and feel better from the aches and pains of the day. Plus the flower is organic which is my favorite part!





Seeing a loved one in extreme pain is difficult, especially when that someone is always the strong, reliable man that you depend upon. My fiance had a right hemicolectomy and stayed in the hospital for five days and four nights. It was an intensive surgery that obviously left him in excruciating pain. His pain was being treated with prescribed opiates but the opiates were making him nauseous which led to vomiting which then led to more pain. It was a terrible never ending cycle.

On the third day, he refused to take the pain medication because he decided it was more important for his recovery to be able to eat and keep food down than manage his pain. With the opiates, he wasn’t able to eat because of the nausea. This is when I decided he needed another way to deal with the pain that would not cause severe side effects. I brought him Ripple made by Stillwater Brands.

Ripple is cold-water-soluble cannabinoid powder. It comes in a 10mg packet for precise dosing. There are two different blends: 10mg THC or 5mg CBD : 5mg THC. It’s so easy to use! In the hospital, I ripped open the packet of CBD/THC 1:1 and poured it in warm broth for my fiance. Within 15 minutes, his nausea eased and his pain dulled. It also helped with his anxiety. This little packet made a HUGE difference in my fiance’s ability to relax and recover in the hospital.

I also used the CBD/THC 1:1 Ripple recently in my morning coffee. I woke up with back pain which happens to me all too often. I made a pot of coffee as usual, and instead of just adding almond milk and honey this time, I added something a little extra special! I had a busy day ahead of me, so I didn’t want too much THC in my system so the 1:1 was the perfect blend of CBD and THC to help with my back pain. About 10 minutes after I finished my coffee, my back pain subsided and I was able to answer all my emails without this constant, painful reminder that I have scoliosis.

I LOVE the versatility of Ripple. I can pour it in a drink or cook with it. It has no calories and no marijuana taste like many products on the market. If you like edibles, then you will have so much fun literally creating whatever edible you want with Ripple!  


CBD Changed My Life

My name is Lauren and I am a Healthy Honey from Columbus, Ohio. I moved to Denver, Colorado in September 2015 and I absolutely love it here! Although I grew up in a state where medical and recreational marijuana were not legal, I started smoking cannabis at the age of 15.

            The first couple years that I smoked, I didn’t realize the medicinal benefits of cannabis. When I was about 17, I started to become aware of how marijuana was affecting my body. I have always dealt with back pain because I have minor scoliosis. This simply means that my back is crooked. Sometimes it hurts after sitting for long hours at a time and other times it hurts for no other reason than it is naturally curved. I began to learn that I could smoke marijuana to relieve my back pain.

            I have also struggled with headaches my whole life. In Columbus, Ohio it is incredibly cloudy. On average, there are heavy clouds 190 days out of the year. Heavy clouds bring rain and rain brings barometric pressure change. This causes my sinuses to clog which leads to a head ache. I know it may sound hard to believe, but I can wake up in the morning and know it is going to rain based on my headache.

            Smoking marijuana was and still is something that I do to relieve my head aches. It is often times more effective than an over the counter pain pill. The weather in Denver doesn’t cause headaches nearly as much as Columbus, but I still medicate with cannabis when I get them here.

            When I moved to Denver, I met Shannon. We immediately clicked! Shortly after getting to know Shannon, she opened up to me on a deep level about her depression. This gave me the courage I needed to finally open up to someone about my depression. I have battled depression since I was about 14. Every winter, I would get depressed for what seemed like absolutely no reason. I would talk to friends about feeling sad and they would just write it off because of the weather. Of course dreary winters make everybody sad and lethargic.

            I thought my depression was just normal. I thought everyone in Ohio felt the way I felt because our winters are so gray. It wasn’t until the winter of 2014 that I realized how serious my depression was. I told my boyfriend, now fiancé, that I was having suicidal thoughts. His immediate reaction was to figure out why so he could help me. But that was the problem, there was no reason why. I just felt terrible and I didn’t even know why. I couldn’t explain where it was coming from which was so frustrating because it made it seem like there was no cure. But I felt confident that I wouldn’t act on any irrational thoughts and I also knew that the darkness would pass in time, I just had to wait it out.

            When Shannon told me that CBD could help my depression, even cure it, I didn’t quite believe her. I had to try it for myself before I was convinced. She gave me a Mary’s Nutritionals 10mg Transdermal Patch. She told me to cut it into 16 pieces so that I could micro dose. Shannon explained that I could actually repair the receptors in my brain that cause depression by micro dosing CBD. I did this for 16 days and then had to get another patch to continue for a total of 32 days. I was and still am amazed. 2016 is the first year since I was about 14 that I can remember not feeling depressed.

            This past winter in 2017, I got depressed again. Many people have asked me if I think my depression disappeared by moving to sunny Colorado, I guess this is proof that’s not the case. I must admit that I stopped my daily intake of CBD and I was using it on an as needed basis instead. Once I realized the funk I was in, I started to feed my endocannabinoid system daily like I knew I should have been doing all along. Sure enough, my depression subsided after about a month.

            Back pain… headaches… depression, and there is even MORE! I was a cigarette smoker for over ten years, which is about a third of my life. (Terrifying to think of it that way.) I’m 28 now and I recently quit. Like many smokers, I got addicted young and didn't understand the consequences of my disgusting habit. As I grew older and become more mindful of my body and health, I knew I needed to quit.

            It is extremely hard. I still crave cigarettes. I feel like I will forever be haunted by the urge to smoke because it’s still so overwhelming every once in a while. There is ONE thing that constantly keeps me from lighting up, and it’s my CBD vape pen.

            Using a CBD vape pen infused with just cannabidiol and terpenes gave me the strength to kick my habit. I keep my vape pen with me at all times, especially in situations when I know I will feel an urge to smoke nicotine. When I’m feening for a cig, I puff on my vape pen to take the edge off, calm my nerves, and keep cigarettes out of my hands.

            CBD changed my life. I use it regularly for various different reasons. Shannon taught me that I didn’t have to get high to relieve my back pain or headaches. She gave me different products to use for pain relief. I started to use topical creams on my back when it was sore instead of smoking marijuana. I can even get rid of a headache now by applying a transdermal or topical cream to my temples. My lungs are much healthier now because I’m not a smoker anymore. Most importantly, my mind is healthy. And whenever I feel unstable, I immediately use the Mary’s Nutritionals Transdermal Gel Pen or Healthy Honeys Vape Pen. I have learned so much about cannabis and I want to share the healing power of CBD with other women.

Healthy Honeys goes to Hawaii

I recently got back from a vacation to Kauai, Hawaii and brought my Healthy Honey’s product along for the trip and would like to share my story with you.

The flight was over 10 hours long with layovers from Denver to Kauai. I am not a huge fan of flying and get anxiety around crowds. I used my CBD gel pen instead of Valium that I usually take and it worked great. I was able to relax on the plane and even took a little nap.

The first day we went to a beautiful beach. I felt a stinging on the back of my ankle and contributed it to the salt water and a small cut from shaving. When we got back to the hotel I saw I had a huge raised, red tentacle mark on the back of my ankle. I had been stung by a jellyfish. I put the Healthy Honey’s skin cream on my sting 3 times a day and it was all cleared up after 10 days and did not leave a scar.  I also used the skin cream for my sunburn and it worked great turning my burn into a tan almost overnight.

I got to go on a deep sea fishing excursion on day. The boat captain was a very nice old man. We go to talking about cannabis and CBD and he was interested in learning more. I pulled out my Health Honey’s CBD Relief Cream and had him apply it to his arthritic hands. He was amazed at how his pain was gone and he could successfully bend his fingers. I left my jar with him hoping to share pain relief  with him and his fellow fishing mates.

Lastlely I quit smoking cigarettes while I was on my trip. I would use my CBD gel pen and Grapefruit CBD Vape Cartridge every time I got the urge to smoke a cigarette. It worked and I came back to Colorado a non smoker.

Thank you Healthy Honey’s for making such great CBD products that help with so many ailments and something safe I can travel with.



I Don’t Need You to Kick My Ass, I Can Kick My Own!


I have been living with lupus for the last 24 years. During this time there have been periods when I was in remission.  The first time I went into remission I thought I was cured and I would live a pain free life! Boy, was I wrong.  The second go around, not only was I diagnosed with lupus, they added on Fibromyalgia. Since then, I have also been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, myofascial pain syndrome, costochondritis, and neuropathy. My body is constantly fighting itself.

In 2013 I started seeing a new doctor. After telling him all the medications I was on, he hoped to change some of the medications I was taking. He did the necessary blood work before changing any of my medications and the test showed that my liver enzymes were extremely high. They started doing more tests to try to find a medication that wouldn’t harm my liver, and would also ease the symptoms of my illnesses. After two years of testing and two different doctors, they finally did a liver biopsy and discovered that my lupus was attacking my liver which was making my enzymes sky high and diagnosed me with non-contagious autoimmune hepatitis.

 At this point, I was on two high doses of steroids, one for my liver and one for my lupus. Then, I get a call from my doctor. She told me that she was putting me on the liver transplant list because she had diagnosed me with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC). She prescribed me a new medication to combat the PSC. This shook my world. I don’t have the best track record with transplants to say the least. In 2008 I had a horrible staph infection in my eye, which led to the scarring of my cornea. I have had two corneal transplants, but I’m still legally blind in my right eye. My body is already constantly attacking itself, so a foreign object from another human has already proven to not mend well. This was the hardest two weeks of my life. I was learning information online about PSC- never diagnose yourself on Google! I was thinking the absolute worst. It takes about 15 years to receive a liver transplant, and after more research, I realized that with PSC I may not even live long enough to receive a transplant.

At my follow-up appointment, my doctor told me that I did not have PSC.  Meanwhile, my liver enzymes kept going up. I was very upset with my doctor and she knew how I felt. No doctor should ever call a patient and give them this information over the phone, especially without being 100% sure! At this time, I asked if I could stop taking the medication that she prescribed to me over the phone and she said no. My main question was WHY? I came home feeling extremely disappointed in my doctor and the whole medical field.

I started researching how to help myself through a holistic approach. I found a Naturopath who put me on herbal supplements and vitamins.  I watched a documentary on Netflix called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. This documentary made me realize that enough was enough! I needed to get healthy on my own terms. Against all my doctor’s recommendations, I decided I needed to get off all my medications.  I started juicing and I changed my diet. I stopped eating processed foods and I bought organic whenever possible. It took me 8 months to completely get off all of my medications. My doctors were truly amazed that I was able to stop taking all my medications and they were even more impressed by how much my enzyme levels had dropped.

I felt happier and healthier, however, my body was starting to the feel pain that had been masked by all the different medications I was taking before. I started to suffer from severe back pain. The back pain was so excruciating that I laid on the floor with my legs up on a yoga ball for four months while using a tens unit. I knew if I went to my doctor he would put me on narcotics and muscle relaxers and I didn’t like the idea of that. I couldn’t stand or sit for more than 30 minutes at a time.  I was seeing a chiropractor and he kept telling me to hang in there and that things were going to get better, but they weren’t. I decided to find a new chiropractor because the previous one wasn’t listening to me. My new chiropractor thought she had an idea of what might be causing my chronic pain, but wanted me to see another doctor to be sure. The doctor she recommended diagnosed me with myofascial pain syndrome and we started on a different recovery plan. I started acupuncture, cupping, deep trigger point massage, exercising and started seeing physical therapists along with my chiropractor. This is also when I started working with Shannon, trying to figure out which CBD products would help with my pain. Shannon took me across the street to the dispensary to explain to me what I needed, how much and when. Throughout the next couple weeks, Shannon would check on me to see how things were working and we would either increase or decrease or completely take me off of a product and try something different.

I am now able to control my pain through the use of CBD. I use various different products from tinctures to topical creams. I know many people are afraid to try this approach because of the stigma attached to cannabis, but I’m so happy that I did. Not only has cannabis helped my back pain, it has also helped my lupus and liver. I am a much happier and healthier person because of using CBD.





Stillwater Gentle Green

I woke up in the Colorado mountains to find our world kissed with soft, white, sparkling snow. Mother Earth wasn’t done showering us with glistening snowflakes yet, we were getting more all day long. I knew this meant that I was going to have to stay cooped up inside rather than driving to the Healthy Honey Hive to work. I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to focus at home when trying to get work done. I have a puppy and kitten who will do anything in their power to distract me.

This was the perfect morning to drink Stillwater’s Gentle Green Tea. Stillwater’s sustainable Gentle Green Tea is sourced from the Darjeeling region of India. This tea is extraordinarily unique because it is energizing yet calming. I know this seems like an oxymoron, but let me explain how it works. All Stillwater Teas have only 2.5mg of THC. This is just the right amount of THC to relieve your stress and calm your nerves without making you feel drowsy and unmotivated. The organic tea leaves in the Gentle Green Tea are naturally stimulating. After slowly enjoying my delicious cup of tea, I felt ready to tackle the day’s overlooming tasks.  

Stillwater Gentle Green Tea is a lightly caffeinated indica which makes it a great healthy drink to have in the morning before you start your day. It calms my anxiety about getting my to-do list done while also giving me a boost of energy. It helps me to stay focused and productive yet also relaxed. The fresh harvested taste of the Gentle Green Tea leaves my mouth and tummy happy. Even though I walked outside and was disappointed that the falling snow put my plans on hault that day, Stillwater Tea helped me stay calm and realize everything was falling into place.

Stillwater Mellow Mint

Tea with THC? Yes, please! Stillwater Tea is a sustainable company that infuses organically grown teas with 2.5mg of their patent-pending THC2O. They design their tea to relax you rather than intoxicate you. I just tried the Stillwater Mellow Mint. This is a soothing caffeine free blend of peppermint and THC. The Mellow Mint is sourced from Egypt. I love that Stillwater knows where their tea leaves are sourced from.

I plopped the Mellow Mint tea stick into my new Stillwater thermos. Whoa does that thing really keep a drink hot! Anyways, I steeped the tea stick for about 5 minutes in hot water, using their patented design to stir the tea and then removed the tea stick to drink the tea. This flavor has a lovely mint taste. Sometimes when I drink peppermint tea, the mintiness seems extremely intense, but this was an aromatic, delicate peppermint taste. I couldn’t taste the THC at all, which is great in my opinion!

As the balanced medley of peppermint and THC slid down my throat, a warm calming feeling took over my body like I just snuggled inside my favorite fuzzy blanket. This pure herbal tea totally relaxed me. I didn’t feel intoxicated at all from the THC which is awesome because I wanted to remain clear headed. The Mellow Mint was the perfect amount of THC to chill me out. My mind and body both released a huge metaphorical sigh and I felt amazingly comfortable. Good bye monkey mind! Enjoying a cup of Stillwater Mellow Mint is the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day and let your troubles melt away. You will definitely want to curl up in your pajamas after drinking this soothing tea.  


I am thankful for growing up in Littleton, Colorado because I have never had to fear going to jail for using my medicine of choice. Colorado is open and accepting of cannabis use. I have been using cannabis medicinally since I was 13 years old. At the time, I didn’t quite understand that I was medicating, but as I look back at my life, I now understand that cannabis greatly improved my health.

Starting at Columbine High School, I struggled with severe depression. I battled with anxiety, low self-esteem, and family arguments. I used marijuana every day to feel better. Marijuana did not make me any less motivated in school; I maintained a 3.8 GPA throughout high school and I was heavily involved in different extracurricular activities. Theater was a love of mine. I was in every play at my school. I was an upstanding student who smoked cannabis every day.

I went to my family doctor for a yearly check up at the age of 16. We spoke about my troubles at home that were causing my emotional distress. I was hoping my doctor would refer me to therapist to talk to, but instead she wanted to prescribe me antidepressants. I was completely against this. I declined her recommendation. My best friend at the time, Katie, was also struggling with similar problems as I was. She also went to a doctor to seek treatment around the same time I did. Her doctor prescribed her antidepressants, on top of the prescription for pain pills she already had due to a former injury.

I am no doctor; I do not pretend to be a medical professional. My opinions have been formed from personal experience and witnessing over 10,000 medical marijuana patients. I do know that Katie’s blind faith in her doctor lead her into a struggle with prescription pills. I feel like this was a situation where a doctor took advantage of a helpless 16 year old girl.

Over the next eight years, Katie became addicted to the prescription pills. I noticed Katie was using the pills to escape from life rather than using them for what they were prescribed for. I was worried about her. While we were in college, Katie was not living up to her full potential because she was held back by the prescription pills. I used cannabis medicinally throughout college and was extremely successful.

While I was attending Metropolitan State University of Denver working on my Bachelors of Science in Land Use with Environment and Resource Concentration, I fell victim to the common disease of anorexia. I used cannabis to increase my appetite to help me with anorexia. This went hand in hand with my first job in the cannabis industry. I made edibles at one of Denver’s first dispensaries. I began learning how cannabis can help people.

A few years later, I worked at Apothecary of Colorado. At the time, I was regularly smoking marijuana to treat my migraines. I was also using cannabis salve to manage the pain of my dislocated knee. This is when I started to realize that there are so many other ways to use cannabis medicinally. Throughout the next few years, I worked at three different dispensaries. As a bud tender, I would recommend CBD products to customers who were dealing with different health issues. As a budtender, I realized that more women needed to have education and products available for them.

While I was expanding my knowledge on the health benefits of cannabis, I was telling Katie all the new information I was learning in the hopes that she would stop taking the prescription pills. Unfortunately, she began to take more and more pills. I tried my best to convince her to get off of them and use cannabis to manage pain and anxiety.

Katie got into a terrible car accident when we were in college. She was charged for driving under the influence. She was then put on probation and drug tested regularly. It was illegal for her to test positive for marijuana but it was completely legal for her to test positive for opiates. This is when I discovered how backwards the system is.

After struggling with prescription pills for years, Katie passed away due to a doctor’s mistake. She was prescribed a bad mix of pills that caused her to fall asleep and never wake up. Katie’s story is sadly a common one. Doctors often over-prescribe pills to children as young as 12. This could have been me, but I chose the natural and safe route to dealing with my depression and anxiety.

Even though I worked in the marijuana industry, I never had personally used CBD. It wasn’t until a Cheeba Chew representative gave me a 70mg CBD Cheeba Chew that I learned the benefits of edibles. I didn’t think much of it and I just stuck it in my purse. Later that night, I went to dinner with friends. I had my first panic attack ever. While I tried to look calm and cool, my hands were shaking and I was breathing heavy. I remembered that I had the Cheeba Chew in my purse and I discreetly grabbed it, unwrapped it, and I devoured the whole thing. Within twenty minutes, my symptoms subsided. My anxiety vanished, my body was relaxed, and my friends had no idea that I even had a panic attack and treated it at the dinner table.

The following week I had a second panic attack, my boyfriend at the time (who was a trigger for my anxiety) convinced me to take a Xanax. It definitely got rid of my anxiety but it made me lethargic and cloudy headed. I did not like the way that it affected me. The Cheeba Chew worked so much better for me. I realized that CBD could help me through this time of anxiety.

I started taking 15mg 2:1 CBD to THC pills. When I took these pills in the morning, my day ran smoothly. I felt better without the foggy mind that a Xanax would cause. I got a 60 day supply of the CBD pills. I ended up taking the pills for 18 months altogether. They had a tremendous effect on me. I felt matured as an individual. I have not dealt with such crippling depression and anxiety as I did before. After my experience with CBD, I felt the need to share my story and start a company to help women. This is when Healthy Honeys was created!

In 2013, Healthy Honeys had its first party. It was about 12 women and some of their husbands. We educated them about the countless ways cannabis could improve their everyday life. We ended up selling about 400$ of product. We have had several parties since. In the beginning of 2015, we started holding events called Get Fit Stay Lit. These parties focused on yoga and cannabis education for women.

Now Healthy Honeys is focusing on expanding to other states. I need to help women get off of pain meds, and use cannabis in the way this plant is meant to help us . I have this burning desire to share all of my knowledge and background of cannabis with women who desperately need it but just don’t know it yet. I have used cannabis for depression, anxiety, anorexia, and even blemishes on my face. It has exponential power to help women of every age and background. Healthy Honeys is here to help women improve their everyday lives through the use of cannabis.